20-23 October 2022

Start in Bodrum

The Future of Tourism

Ideathon 2018

It was a 3 days event where new ideas and solutions were created for Bodrum major challenges on Tourism, Transportation and Recycling guided by investors, mentors and entrepreneurs.

HealthCare 2019

This event was unique in creating an open platform for all healthcare professionals in the development of a new innovative healthcare eco-system for our future.

Food Innovation 2020

How can we make our food systems more sustainable? How can innovation in nutrition help for healthy living? The event was broadcasted online


Quote from the Mayor of Bodrum

“A little Davos in Bodrum” said Ahmet Aras, the Mayor of Bodrum and executive sponsor of the second event stated during the kick-off that he sees this event as a start for a new ecosystem in Bodrum where Start-ups, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Subject Matter Experts are coming together to solve major challenges which we are facing now and in the future. This will be a recurring event and has the potential to become a "little Davos in Bodrum" with a Think Tank to develop new ideas into Bodrum's start-up ecosystem.

Our Goal

To ignite BODRUM’S ECONOMY, create a vibrant, young (non-seasonal) sustainable startup eco-system on the Bodrum peninsula, attracting startups, investors, mentors and building a co-working, collaborative and co-operating local community. To implement this vision, we developed a series of events including a Bodrum ThinkTank dedicated to creating solutions for Bodrum’s problems of today and to predict and prevent future challenges.

Follow our 4th event in 2022.

Let's ignite Bodrum’s economy, creating a vibrant, young sustainable startup eco-system.

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Start in Bodrum

What is it all about?

Our Events

Our events are open to all innovators, startups and investors. It’s a open forum for collaboration and accelerated connection from established companies as well as startups, investors, subject matter experts, representatives from government, academia, associations, media and industry analysts. Our events are unique in creating an open platform for all the stakeholders in the development of a new innovative food innovation eco-system for our future.

Our Aim

Our aim is to increase create a fresh, young and innovatiove startup network and build an open platform for like-minded people to share ideas and bring new and innovative solutions to market. The next event will be hosted in Bodrum in October 2021, we will announce our topic for this year soon.


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